Much like the people of Vietnam, Ecru was created by two young, energetic people who wanted to showcase the best features of their home country.

Ecru was created from the dialogue between sense and design of Zen Nguyen & Koa Pham. Zen captures the aroma of nature, herbs and spices which tell the story of her birth and growth in Vietnam. Though now living on the other side of the world in Brussels, Vietnam and its natural elements are central to Zen and therefore Ecru does. Koa, also born in Vietnam but now living in London, is able to fuse the traditions of Vietnam and the contemporary of the West in the style and design of Ecru.

Ecru is also committed to the environment and sustainability, and that is why Ecru candles are made with pure essential oils from Vietnam as well as vegetable wax and eco wicks from UK for a clean and pure burn.

Ecru will forever be a project of passion and love for us, by keeping things small and exclusive will enable us to always remain intimately linked to every product we produce.